All in One PC Cart
All in One PC Cart Non-Powered Computer on Wheels Solution

Product Details:

Non-Powered Computer on Wheels Solution

  • Pair with CyberMed NB22 Computer for a Complete Solution
    The CyberMed NB22 comes equipped with hot swappable batteries capable of delivering power for nearly two shifts without the need for a recharge.
  • Small Footprint Designed for the Hospital Floor
    The cart’s 18" x 20" footprint and 4 highly mobile rollerblade casters provide a compact solution designed to travel across a busy hospital floor.
  • Easily Adjustable Height
    The workstation can be seamlessly lifted or lowered to accommodate both seated and standing workers.
  • Flexible Monitor Placement
    Supports LED monitors up to 20 lbs with a tilting/swiveling VESA mount.

Key Features:

  • Pair with a Battery Powered Medical PC for a Lightweight Solution
  • Easy Maneuverability with a Small Footprint
  • Ergonomic Design for any Clinician
  • VESA Mount with Swivel and Tilt

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