All In One Powered Cart
All-in-One Computer on Wheels Solution Self Charging Powered Cart

Product Details:

  • Pair with a CyberMed Medical Computer for an EMR Compliant SolutionCybernet's medical grade computers are compliant with most major EMR software providing a comprehensive computer on wheels solution.
  • Reliable On-Board Charging
    Self-charging capabilities on-board the cart ensure nurses and physicians are powered throughout their entire shift.
  • Complete Adjustability
    Powered height adjustments and swivel adjustments for your monitor allow every end user to configure their setup to their preference.
  • Compact and Ergonomic Design
    This cart has a compact footprint with a large work surface. Ergonomic soft wrist rests provide added comfort.


  • Pair with a Medical PC for a Truly All-in-One Solution
  • Self-Charging, Self-Reliant Power
  • Fit for All Patients and Providers
  • Designed with the Busy Healthcare Facility in Mind

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