Bio II Biosafety cabinet type II A 2
PRODUCT PROTECTION USER PROTECTION SURROUNDING PROTECTION This cabinet is suitable for pathogenic germs experiments. It can be use in cramped rooms thanks to its small size.

• Easy startup
• Painted epoxy steel frame
• Perforated Stainless Steel Work Surface
(304L) / 3 elements
• Removable front grill
• Reclining front window
• HEPA Filter H14 (with laminator)
• Electrical Plug on the right side
• Easy Maintenance By Front Access
• ECM Fan - Automatic Regulation
• Low sound level
• LCD screen
(velocity, clogging state, alarms display)


• Diagnostic
• Hospital
• Pharmaceutical
• Biotechnology
• Food Industry
• Microbiology


The laminar flow (Class 100FS 209E
ISO 5) sweeps the work space and
protects the product. The air flow
is completely recycled through the
perforated grills around the work
surface and the operator protection
is made by air streaming in front of
the work surface : about 30% of the
air flow is thrown through a second
Hepa filter.


• Additive electrical plugs
• Front closing cover
• UV lighting 254 nm
• Stainless steel receptacle
• Legs on support jacks
• Inlet (gas, air, vacuum)

Documents supplies :
• Conformity Certificate
• Warranty Certificate
• User’s handbook

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