Bioloid Grand Prix Do you need a humanoid robot made for competition? Stop looking for, the Bioloid GP is simply the humanoid robot dedicated to the challenges and robotic cups. Advanced equipment, strength, power and precision: all these elements make the Bioloid Grand Prix an all categories champion.

It crossed the finish line first in the Gadget Show 2011 (video below), far ahead of all other competitors. The reason of such performance is advanced equipment, but also the undeniable know-how of ROBOTIS, humanoid robotics leader for many years. The Bioloid GP is a robot specially designed to excel in all forms of competitions. Race, acrobatics, balance, seizure of property: its powerful servomotors, its system of instant posture correction, balance particularly impressive and very resistant frame make it a champion of any class!


A robot with outstanding performances 

The side of the actuators, the Bioloid GP offers a high performance. The actuator Dynamixel AX-18F is an AX-12+ with technical characteristics increased. Its gyro sensor allows real-time adjustment of the position. From controller side, it’s a CM-510 with 6 sensors ports that is provided here. As usual with ROBOTIS, the communication by packets allows a Daisy Chain connection: many actuators can be easily connected.

robot bioloid GP pour compétition robotique

A comprehensive software suite


To exploit the potential of the Bioloid GP, ROBOTIS provides a complete and powerful software suite. Discover the famous software RoboPlus in an advanced version, with many tools such as 3D Motion Animator, inverse kinematics or structured visual programming.



Bioloid GP Features


• CM-510 controller with 6 sensors ports
• High performance actuator Dynamixel AX-18F
• Gyroscope sensor for continuous posture adjustment
• Zigbee communication for non-interference signal control
• Strength aluminium frames with frames for waist twisting
• Gripper set for mission completion
• LiPo battery
• Roboplus S/W with 3D Motion Animator, Inverse Kinematics and Structured Visual Programming Tool
• Humanoid Battle and Soccer programming provided and ready to run

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