Bunker Mini Tracked Mobile Robot (UGV)
The Agile X Bunker Mini tracked mobile robot is a small UGV that performs well on all terrains.



Bunker Mini: an all-terrain robot and superior protection

The Bunker Mini tracked robot chassis is designed to be a small but extremely robust mobile platform. Its various features demonstrate its ability to cope with any type of terrain:

  • Bunker Mini has an IP67 rating, which protects it from dust, sand and water
  • With its zero turn radius and left and right independent drive, it can move in the tightest of spaces, both indoors and out
  • It offers a robust design, all-terrain driving, obstacle clearance and can climb 30° slopes: Bunker Mini is an exploration and surveillance robot undeterred by dangerous or unexpected environments

A payload of up to 35 kg

Despite its ultra-compact profile (less than 70 cm long and under 60 cm wide), Bunker Mini is an efficient and very robust robot, just like the other tracked robots by Agile X (Bunker and Bunker Pro). It can carry up to 35 kg of material or equipment while maintaining its turning radius. Although a heavy load may of course affect its ability to climb certain slopes.

A robotics platform suited to many projects

The Bunker Mini robot has a communication interface that makes it compatible with all the sensors and peripherals that support the CAN protocol. You can therefore connect sensors, an IMU or a LiDAR to further improve your robot’s navigation or detection skills.

In addition, Agile X provides a comprehensive library of open-source content (SDK and ROS).

Technical specifications of the AgileX Bunker Mini

  • Dimensions: 660 x 584 x 281 mm
  • Height: 65.5 mm
  • Track width: 100 mm
  • Weight: 54.8 kg
  • Max. payload: 35 kg
  • Max. speed: 0~1.5 m/s
  • Climbing ability: 30° (no payload)
  • Min. turning radius: 0°
  • Obstacle surmounting capacity: 115 mm
  • Operating temperature: -20 to ~60 °C
  • Outward supply: 24 V/15 A
  • Power drive:
  • Left and right independent drive
  • Track-type differential steering
  • Motor: 250 W x 2 (brushed DC motors)
  • Rated torque: 17 Nm
  • 1024 line magnetic encoder
  • Communication interface: CAN
  • Protection level: IP67
  • 24 V 30 Ah lithium battery
  • AC 220 V charger
  • Charge time: 3–4 hours

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