COEX Clover drone kit
Clover is a solderless quadcopter kit with Raspberry Pi 4 onboard. Learn aerial robotics and win drone competitions with Clover!

A comprehensive aerial robotics solution


Clover is a true STEAM learning tool.

As a teacher you can dive into following subjects:

- Physics: Electronics, electro mechanics, aerodynamics, acceleration and gravity
- Math: Geometry, functions, scale factors and vectors
- Technology: Telemetry, data logging, lithium battery technology
- Arts: Design a drone payload using 3d-printing materials. Invent your custom Clover.
- Programming: coding using Linux systems using Scratch, Python and C++.


COEX Clover Drone kit


Get your foot into the world of coding and droning by taking to the skies with the programmable drone kit Clover. Whether you're a total noob or seasoned vet, the videos provide step-by-step instructions on assembling and programming it to do what you want.

Learn the inner workings of a drone, from physics to programming and telemetry, with this fun quadcopter kit. The set includes a PX4 flight controller and a Raspberry Pi 4 controlling onboard computer, which can be used to connect to the drone over Wi-Fi.

It's also Python based, meaning you'll learn real coding. And if you fail to make the code right, don ́t worry, just download the ready made codes.

The platform utilizes the ROS framework, which allows the user program to communicate with the Clover services.
Positioning systems

● Optical flow
● ArUlco markers



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