Configurable Non-Powered Cart
Configurable Non-Powered Cart Non-Powered Computer on Wheels Solution

Product Details:

Non-Powered Computer on Wheels Solution

  • Pair with a CyberMed XB Monitor for a Complete WOW Solution
    Paired with one of our battery powered medical monitors, this medical cart can be taken room to room without requiring a recharge for almost two full shifts or 20 hours.
  • Designed for Mobile, Comfortable Care
    Highly mobile and height adjustable for both seated and standing operation.
  • Large Work Surface
    It provides ample space for computer peripherals and also includes a slide-out tray for convenient keyboard placement.
  • Stable Computer Placement
    The cart comes with a VESA mounting plate capable of securely mounting a battery powered medical monitor for a truly portable solution.

Key Features:

  • Pair with a Battery Powered Medical Monitor for a Lightweight Solution
  • Dozens of Configuration Options
  • Expansive Workspace
  • Ergonomic Design for Seated or Standing Use

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