Crazyflie 2.1 Programmable Nano Drone - Indoor Explorer Bundle
This programmable Crazyflie drone (ROS compatible) designed by Bitcraze has an exclusive embedded indoor positioning system, for an autonomous flight that’s as precise as when using a GPS!



Indoor explorer bundle: innovative indoor flights


While it’s true that adding a GPS module allows the Crazyflie programmable drone to fly with a certain autonomy, this system is not possible when the robot must take off inside a building.

Bitcraze has come up with an alternative to the (quite expensive) solutions that exist on the autonomous drone (UAV) market by developing a local positioning tool called the Loco Positioning System. Both simple to use and economical, it allows your drone to find its bearings more efficiently, and above all more precisely!

How does the Crazyflie LPS system work?


The LPS accessory pack supplied with the Crazyflie Programmable Drone consists of various devices:

  • Several positioning “nodes”, which you can use as anchors installed on the UAV, or as tags placed on objects the drone must follow
  • A Loco Positioning “deck” that you will connect with the UAV’s on-board computer to give it new autonomous flight capabilities

Technical specifications of the Crazyflie drone with local positioning system


The Crazyflie Indoor Explorer Bundle includes:

  • 8 Loco Positioning nodes
  • 1 Loco Positioning deck
  • 1 Crazyflie 2.1 Drone kit
  • 1 Crazyradio PA

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