CREALITY CR Scan 01 3D Scanner
2022 Model Upgraded Carrying Bag Kit, Come with Scanner, Turntable and Tripod, 0.1mm Accuracy, No Marker Quick Scanning, Affordable 3D Printer Scanners
creality cr scan01 3d scanner for 3d printer 3d printing handheld scanners


3d scanner

3d scanner


  • Compatible with 3d printer
  • 0.1mm High Presicion
  • Fast Auto Matching
  • Auto data Processing
  • Auto Multi-Pose Alignment
  • White Light Safey in Use
  • 24bit Ture Color
  • User-Friendly Software

Supported Computer Systems and Versions: This 3d scanner supports WIN10 64bit and MacOS Big Sur System.

Computer Configuration Requirements:

  1. CPU: Dual-Core i5 or higher;
  2. RAM: > 16G (handheld mode);
  3. RAM: > 8G (turntable mode);


Please check your computer configuration before ordering. Forced operation may lead to software crashes. etc and affect the user experience.

  • Supports WIN10 64bit and MacOS Big Sur System
  • Dual-Core i5 or higher
  • RAM: > 16G (handheld mode)
  • RAM: > 8G (turntable mode)

creality cr scan01 3d scanner for 3d printer 3d printing handheld scanners



The design of different scanning modes aims to offer users the choice for mode switch and find out the most suitable one under various circumstances. CR-Scan 01 3d scanner can scan 20 mm – 3000 mm objects with three scanning modes: turntable scanning, handheld scanning and handheld plus turntable scanning.

  • The handheld mode, suitable for scanning objects of 0.2m to 2m, such as hood and furniture, provides users with enough freedom and creative possibilities.
  • The turntable mode can automatically scan 0.2m to 0.5m objects, such as toy prototypes. It is quite easy to use.
  • The combination mode is perfect for scanning 0.3m to 2m objects, like shoes, vase, and sculpture, adding handheld flexibility to intelligent turntable scanning.


No need to stick markers anymore, even for big parts like engine hood, car door, front or rear bumpers and so on. CR-Scan0 can acutely and comprehensively capture fine details of the target with the 3D model built up perfectly, successfully realizing no-marker scanning.


creality cr scan01 3d scanner for 3d printer 3d printing handheld scanners



Bid farewell to the complexity of scanning data processing in different software. CR Studio developed with the integration of 3D complete automation algorithms enables model optimization within one click! It supports multi-positional auto-alignment, auto-noise removal, auto-model simplified topology, auto-hole filling, and auto-texture mapping, impressing users with ease of use. Friendly enough, even kids can handle it well.

Furthermore, CR Studio supports OTA online updates for free. Creality will check the software regularly and timely fix the anomalies. Besides, we will surprise users by continuously developing new functions and comprehensively improving the user experience.


3d scanner

True Color


24bit high-fidelity color restoration, excellent printing result.

creality cr scan01 3d scanner for 3d printer 3d printing handheld scanners

3d scanner



Q1: What is the minimum system requirement? Does it support the Mac operating system?

A1: The minimum system requirement is 8GB of RAM. Our software supports 64 bit Windows 10 and Mac system. The software installation package has been contained in the SD card. You can also download it from CREALITY official website-download module.

Q2: Are there any surfaces that cannot be scanned?

A2: This scanner cannot scan transparent objects and surfaces with high reflection. These objects will need developer spray on the surface in order to be scanned. Hairs, furs, or similar tiny objects cannot be scanned either.

Q3: Can this scanner scan objects like remote control or hollow structures like animal skulls?

A3: It depends on the surface. Yes, if it is matte surface; no, if it is a reflective surface(possible with help of developer spray). Hollow structure needs multi-angle scanning with lights entered.The area without lights can not be scanned.

Q4: What is the maximum weight and size in turnable mode?

A4: Less than 5kg in weight; less than 0.5m in size.

Q5: Is there radiation when using the scanner?

A5: LED white light, no radiation

Q6: Why can't the turntable run on batteries?

A6: The turntable can only rotate by connecting with scanner via USB. so the battery is invalid.

Q7: Why is it easy to lose track in handheld mode? How to get back on track?

A7: Please check to see if the object is within the range of 500-1000mm. Backtrack to the feature rich or large area of the object.

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