D523 Digital Low Pressure Cold Spray System
Unique metal coating system

D523 Digital Low Pressure Cold Spray System

The Low Pressure D523 is primarily designed for automated systems, but can also be used manually. The flexibility of the parameter settings makes it very suitable for optimizing spray parameters.
Applications for D423 and D523 are found in repair and restoration of countless metal parts [such as engine parts and [press] molds], sealing, corrosion protection, electrical conductivity, additive production and special applications.

The Low Pressure Cold Spray technique can be applied to all metals, glass, ceramics and many types of plastic.


A wide range of metals can be treated, e.g.:
⦁ Aluminium
⦁ Zinc
⦁ Copper
⦁ Tin
⦁ Nickel
⦁ Babbitt
⦁ Gold
⦁ Silver
⦁ Platinum
⦁ Mixtures of the above materials

Dycomet Low Pressure Cold Spray Set

D523 Linear Turn-key solution

– D523 Digital Low Pressure Cold Spray System
– PB-95 Powder Feeder
– CKC-10 Linear System
– Table for CKC-10
– Dust Suction Unit FB-12A


The D523 Linear Turn-key solution is a system which gives you every possibility to use the benefits of both spraying your parts manually and automated with the integrated linear system. All components are controlled by the Full Color Touchscreen of the D523.

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