Doosan M1509 Robotic Arm
With its 15 kg payload, the Doosan M1509 Robotic Arm is the perfect tool for operators having to repeatedly handle heavy loads.

Doosan Robotics: the collaborative solution for industry and research


The Doosan Robotics arms are a range of collaborative robotics arms designed to assist operators with difficult, delicate and repetitive tasks.

Equipped with ultra-sensitive torque sensors and easy to configure and program, these robots offer many advantages:

  • Safe: you can configure all the security data and exclusion zones to ensure each user can work with peace of mind
  • Intuitive: it comes with numerous programming templates and offers three levels of coding, from the most intuitive to the most advanced
  • Adaptable: you can adapt the strength and flexibility of each arm according to the task you want it to perform; force is controlled at 0.2N and remains constant for all repetitive mass assembly, polishing and deburring operations
  • Customisable: a range of accessories are available to extend your programming possibilities and simplify the installation of sensors and other components

Doosan M1509 Robotic Arm: the most muscular


Doosan Robotics has a range of 4 models of ROS robotic arms. The M1509 offers the largest payload, with a capacity of up to 15 kg. This means it can handle heavy loads and therefore relieve operators carrying out repetitive tasks, which can have a particularly detrimental physical impact.

Programming collaborative robots Doosan Robotics


This Doosan robotic arm has 6-axis motion control, ranging between approximately 150° and 360°. It can be assembled in many configurations, on the floor, ceiling or walls, for total freedom of task execution. You can also use its extended communication interface and its controller’s 16 I/Os to enhance your robotic arm, with for example vision-based control or presence/obstacle detection modules. It will adapt fully to your own industrial or research project.

Technical specifications of the Doosan Robotics M1509 arm


  • Robotic arm:
    • Joints: 6
    • Payload: 15 kg
    • Range: 900 mm
    • Speed: 1 m/s
    • Repeatability: ± 0.1 mm
    • Operating temperature: 5-45 °C
    • Weight: 32 kg
    • Installation position: floor, ceiling, walls
    • Protection rating: IP54
    • Configured with 6 I/Os
    • Supply:   24V / Max. 3A
  • Joint movement (range / speed):
    • J1: ±360° / 180°/s
    • J2: ±360° / 180°/s
    • J3: ±150° / 180°/s
    • J4: ±360° / 225°/s
    • J5: ±360° / 225°/s
    • J6: ±360° / 225°/s
  • Controller:
    • Interface: Ethernet (TCP/IP) / RS232 / USB / GPIO / WiFi
    • Fieldbus: Modbus TCP
    • Dimensions: 490 x 390 x 287 mm
    • Weight: 9 kg
    • Protection rating: IP20
    • I/O ports: 16
    • Power supply: 24V
  • Programming tablet:
    • Gorilla-type glass
    • 10.1” touchscreen
    • Weight: 0.8 kg

Resources for the M1509 collaborative robotic arm


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