This e-puck2 is the new version of the well-known little research and education mobile robot!



e-puck2: more powerful, more versatile, and now with a WiFi connection!

This mini mobile robot for schools and labs has been updated! e-puck2 now offers a more powerful 168 MHz processor, a host of modules including a ToF distance sensor and light and proximity sensors, and totally new possibilities, for example it can now communicate via WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth LE or simply using a USB connection.

Same compatibility

Fans of the first e-puck can rest assured, because this new version has the same design and remains compatible with all the accessories used by its older brother, making swarm operations simpler. It also still has an open-source programming environment allowing you to work on embedded applications.

Technical specifications of the 2018 e-puck robot

  • STM32F4 @ 168 MHz (210 DMIPS) microcontroller with FPU processor and DSP core for signal processing
  • 8 proximity and light sensors
  • 1 distance sensor
  • 1 central 3D IMU
  • 4 omnidirectional microphones
  • 1 VGA colour camera
  • 1 IR receiver for remote control
  • 4 red LEDs
  • 4 RGB LEDS
  • 1 green light to illuminate the robot body
  • 1 bright red LED at the front
  • 1 loudspeaker (WAV files)
  • Communication: USB Full-Speed, Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi
  • Programming and debugging: Free C compiler, Webots simulator, on-board debugger (GDB)
  • 1.8 Ah Li-ion battery (autonomy: 3 h)

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