Force Dimension Lambda.7



The lambda.7 is the most recent addition to the Force Dimension family of haptic devices. Introducing a larger base compared to the sigma.7, this device also offers seven active degrees of freedom in translation, rotation, and grasping.

The new device has been specifically designed for OEM applications and can be easily customized for integration is surgical consoles. The new wrist also provides three active degrees of freedom with the last degree being the role angle. This new configuration design of the wrist joints facilitates the integration with surgical robot systems.

Finely tuned to display perfect gravity compensation, the force-and-torque-feedback end-effector offers extraordinary haptic performance, enabling instinctive interaction with complex haptic applications.

The lambda.7 device is available in left- and right-hand configuration and is designed for integration in bimanual workstation consoles.


Distinctive Design Features

Finely built around its unique parallel kinematics structure, the lambda.7 device is designed for performance. Its superior mechanical stiffness, combined with its real-time USB 2.0 controller, enables the rendering of high contact forces at a rate attaining 4 KHz. To provide the highest degree of haptic transparency, accurate gravity compensation is maintained in translation and orientation space by perfectly coupling passive and actuated components together. Each system is individually calibrated to ensure repeatable and optimal precision and performance. Its unique kinematics design perfectly decouples translations and rotations, enabling the lambda.7 to exceed the requirements of the most demanding applications. Force Dimension also provides advanced technical support for dedicated applications that require custom end-effectors for the lambda.7.

Application Development

A powerful SDK provides highly advanced control over all Force Dimension devices in both haptics and robotics mode. The Haptics SDK offers all the basic functions to read positions and to program desired forces in Cartesian space. Expanding these fundamental capabilities, the Robotics SDK leverages the Haptic SDK by introducing an advanced set of real-time routines to precisely control the position of the device. The Force Dimension SDK provides support for multi-threaded, multi-device programming and is available on a wide range of platforms including WindowsLinuxmacOSQNX and VxWorks. The combination of both haptics and robotics capabilities into a single unified framework allows developers to create powerful collaborative interfaces between people and machines.


workspace translation
∅ 240 x 170 mm
180 (yaw) x 140 (pitch) x 290 (roll) deg
15 deg
forces translation
20.0 N
200 (yaw), 400 (pitch), 100 (roll) mNm
8.0 N
resolution translation
< 0.0015 mm
0.0067 (yaw) x 0.0067 (pitch) x 0.0135 (roll) deg
0.02 mm
active locks translation parking position
interface standard
USB 2.0
up to 4 KHz
power universal 100V - 240V
platforms Microsoft
all distributions
software SDK Haptics
SDK Robotics
ergonomics available in left- and right-hand configuration
structure delta-based parallel kinematics
hand-centered rotation movements
decoupling between translation and rotation movements
active gravity compensation
calibration automatic
user input 1 simulated button using the force gripper
safety velocity monitoring
electromagnetic damping

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