Franka Emika Panda COBOT
Get to know your Franka Emika robot. Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany.

Robotics, redefined:

Franka Emika´s robot is agile and sensitive — like a human arm.
Programming is workflow-based and intuitive, interaction is seamless.


Easiest, fastest workflow-based user experience:

The system features a usable interface based on Apps – encapsulated robot programs. Arrange Apps into a sequence. Then teach the robot by demonstration and adjust parameters.

Outstanding performance


Pose repeatabillity <+/- 0.1 mm

Path deviation <+/- 1.25 mm

A abstract animation shows the Motion of the robot

Force sensing

Resolution < 0.05 N

Accuracy 0.8 N

Repeatability < 0.05 N

A abstract animation shows the force sinsing of the robot

Force application

Minimum controllable force 0.05 N at 1 kHz

Minimum controllable force 0.05 N at 1 kHz

A abstract animation shows the force application of the robot


Guiding force ~ 2 N

Collision detection time <2 ms

Nominal collision reaction time <50 ms

A abstract animation shows the interaction of the robot

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