Ground Sensor Module for E-Puck 2 Robot
Extra autonomy for your robot



e-Puck line-following sensor: extra autonomy for your robot

This fall-detection module allows your e-Puck 2 robot to follow its own path by reading the value of the three sensors pointed directly at the ground in front of the robot. It is placed in the slot near the front of the e-Puck’s transparent plastic base.

The module includes a microcontroller that continually samples the IR sensors. The data stream is conveyed to the mini robot’s microcontroller via an I2C link.

Possible uses for the e-Puck fall-detection and line-following sensor

This e-Puck module can be used for enabling your small mobile robot to follow a black line on a white surface or detect the edges of a table (and therefore avoid falling off).

This e-Puck accessory is very useful for organizing a race between robots, navigating mazes, and maneuvering in tight spaces.

Technical specifications of the e-Puck ground sensor

Communication: I2C


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