Kilobot Controller Board
This board emits infrared light and allows the user to control from one to hundreds of Kilobots robots used to study swarm robotics.



The Kilobot controller board with the controller software can manage a large amount of robots at one time. This board is very useful for swarm robotics.

Placed at 1m above the robotic swarm, it can communicate with the Kilobot robots using infrared light allowing a user to:

  • send a new program to all Kilobots at once.
  • control the Kilobots such as pausing and powering on/off

This action can be done for every Kilobot in an one-meter diameter area below the controller.

Schema Kilobot Controller Board

The Kilobot controller can program an individual Kilobot using the built-in ISP programmer. It can also connect to an individual Kilobot's serial output header so it can be displayed on a windows computer.

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