Lidarbot Odos open-source mobile base with Mecanum wheels
YDLIDAR The Lidarbot Odos mobile base is an AGV equipped with a Lidar telemeter and mounted on 4 Mecanum wheels. It is remotely controlled with a joystick allowing speed control by PWM or voltage regulation.

Lidarbot Odos: mobile robot with integrated Lidar


Lidarbot is equipped with the YDLidar X2, a 360-degree two-dimensional distance measurement Lidar with a sampling rate of 3000 Hz. It works on the principle of triangulation to determine the distance and position of obstacles.

The Lidarbot Odos mobile base can thus take map readings that can be viewed on the display screen or anywhere else, using a Wi-Fi connection. The detection capacity of the laser rangefinder is between 10 cm and 8 m distance and offers stability and accuracy.


A multi-directional and autonomous AGV mobile base


Lidarbot Odos is a Lidar robot equipped with 4 Mecanum wheels. These allow the mobile base to move in all directions without turning the wheels, forwards, backwards and sideways. The platform is LEGO-compatible, which means that the chassis can be adapted in many ways.

This AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) comes with a remote control joystick. This control allows you to control the speed of the robot by taking control of the PWM or the voltage level.

Program Odos to win challenges such as maze crossing, autopilot, or guide him inside your lab using his joystick. Other applications are possible: in this case, you have to modify its open-source code.


Technical specifications of the mobile robot Lidar Odos



  • 1 LidarBoT chassis
  • 1 remote control joystick
  • 2 batteries 1300 mAh @ 11.1 V
  • 1 battery charger
  • 1 USB-C cable
  • Sampling rate: 3000 Hz (3000/s)
  • Scanning frequency: 7 Hz (in PWM or voltage regulation mode)
  • Detection distance: 10 cm to 8 m (indoor)
  • Detection angle: 0-360°
  • Absolute error: 2 cm (at a distance less than or equal to 50 cm)
  • Relative error between 50 cm and 6 m: 1.5 %
  • Relative error between 6 and 8 m: 2 %
  • Typical angular resolution: 0.84°
  • Supply voltage: 4.8-5.2 V
  • Voltage ripple: 0-100 mV
  • Starting current: 300-500 mA
  • Operating current: 200-380 mA

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