LIMO Open-Source Mobile Robot (ROS compatible)
Meet LIMO, a mobile robot designed around the Agile X mobile platform. This scalable robotic structure is dedicated to AI development. Thanks to its ROS and Gazebo compatibility, you can transform a simple off-road platform into a 100% autonomous explorer and mapping robot!



LIMO mobile robot: everything you need for AI navigation

The LIMO mobile robot offers a scalable structure and is fully ROS compatible, ideal for working on applications requiring autonomous navigation. This mobile robot is perfect for students (in robotics engineering, electrical engineering, industrial computing, etc.) and for robotics challenges (like the Robocop).

Different uses of the LIMO open-source mobile robot

It consists of an Agile X mobile platform with interchangeable wheels. You can switch from tracked to 4-wheel omni-directional, differential driving or Ackerman mode.

4 types of autonomous navigation applications

The LIMO mobile robot can be connected with open-source ROS (1 and 2) and the Gazebo simulator. This gives you access to a long list of free demos and sample programs for developing your own artificial intelligence.

LIMO robot for autonomous navigation

LIMO opens up lots of doors in terms of autonomous navigation:

  • Mapping
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Obstacle avoidance and path planning
  • Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM and V-SLAM)

Technical specifications of the AgileX / LIMO robot

  • Scalable structure
  • Touchscreen
  • Camera/LiDAR: Depth Camera / EAI LiDAR X2L
  • NVIDIA Jetson Nano processor (4G)
  • ROS1 / ROS2
  • IMU: MPU6050
  • Compatible with Google Assistant
  • Communication interface: UART serial port
  • Dimensions: 322 x 215 x 247 mm
  • Weight: 4.2 kg

LITE version:

  • Dimensions: 322 x 215 x 90 mm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Fully scalable structure
  • Multi-modal mobile chassis
  • ROS1 / ROS2 compatible
  • Communication interface: USB serial port

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