Micro-Tec AFM/SPM Atomic Force Microscope Scanning Probe Microscope disc gripper tweezers

Micro-Tec AFM/SPM disc gripper tweezers




Micro-Tec AFM / SPM disc gripper tweezers






The Micro-Tec AFM / SPM disc gripper tweezers are designed to pick up stainless steel AFM / SPM discs. The shape of the tips fits around the edge of the discs. Ideal when picking up the AFM / SPM discs from a flat surface after mounting a sample.
The tips are not coated and have straight, fine edges for better grip. Available for the popular Ø12mm and Ø15mm AFM / SPM discs. Made from anti-magnetic stainless steel with a satin surface; 115mm long.

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