Miqus Hybrid Marker And Markerless Tracking Camera
For Marker-based And Markerless Tracking Future-proof your next motion capture camera investment. With the Miqus Hybrid camera you can do both marker-based and markerless tracking integrated into leading markerless tracking solutions.

Perform marker-based tracking and markerless tracking with the same camera system
The Miqus Hybrid camera is a dual-mode camera with a 2MP color sensor, capable of either streaming full HD color video at 85 frames per second or streaming marker data at 340 frames per second.

In marker mode, it illuminates passive markers with its infrared strobe, while also being compatible with Qualisys’ active markers.

Research on markerless motion capture

Miqus Hybrid is the perfect choice to quickly get started with the things that matter.

Together with QTM, the Miqus Hybrid solution takes care of the necessary tasks to get a multi-camera markerless research project quickly off the ground as well as providing the ground truth marker-based data for validation of the markerless algorithms.

  • Markerless and marker-based tracking
  • Two modes: marker-mode or video-mode
  • Marker stream: 2 MP @ 340 fps
  • Video stream: 2 MP @ 85 fps
  • Fast setup with combined power & Ethernet

When and how to use Miqus Hybrid
Use Miqus Hybrid in marker mode to perform marker-based motion capture just like with any other marker camera.

Measurement range in bright sunlight will be shorter compared to a normal Miqus camera, but in all other conditions, it will perform equal to Miqus M3.

Use Miqus Hybrid in video mode to record video in the same way as with Miqus Video

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