Miqus Marker Tracking Camera
CAPTURE MORE WITH LESS The Miqus camera is our smallest and most refined motion capture camera yet. It fits everything you need for your next motion capture project in a small and lightweight camera body.

Motion capture for small and large projects


Just like all Qualisys mocap cameras, the Miqus cameras are designed to capture accurate mocap data with very low latency. This makes the Miqus suitable for a wide range of applications. From small 3-camera educational systems up to large projects with +100 cameras.

The Miqus is available in three models: Miqus M1 (1 MP), Miqus M3 (2 MP) and Miqus M5 (4 MP). Read all the details here.

Miqus - feature photo

Less cables & switches with the world’s most refined cabling system


With Daisy-chaining and combined Power and Ethernet, setting up a mocap system has never been easier. The new connector means that you only need to connect cameras with a single cable that carries both data and power. And since you can daisy-chain up to ten Miqus cameras with a single power adapter, it means fewer cables than any other mocap system.

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