Miqus Video Markerless Tracking Camera
SYNCHRONIZED REFERENCE VIDEO IN COLOR Miqus Video is a native video camera for use with your Qualisys motion capture camera system. It streams synchronised video and gives you perfectly aligned reference video to complement your movement data.

Speed & resolution

With its parallel on-board MJPEG encoder, the Miqus Video camera is able to stream full HD video (1080p) at 85 frames per second. Like always, you can trade pixels for speed. For example you can run 180 fps @ 720p or 330 fps @ 0.5 MP with full field of view!

Synchronized reference video.

Since the Miqus Video calibrates and synchronizes automatically with the rest of the camera system, you will get perfectly aligned reference video without any extra effort.

Wide angle – 83° horizontal FOV

Select the wide angle lens option to get 83° horizontal field of view. The vertical field of view of the wide angle lens is 53°.

Site license

The industry-unique site license means that you can freely deploy QTM on as many computers as you like. Goodbye dongles.

  • High-quality monochrome or color video
  •  Streaming Full HD @ 85 fps
  •  Wide field of view
  •  Streaming 0.5 MP @ more than 330 fps
  • Synchronised 3D data overlay
  •  Seamless QTM integration
  •  Run standalone or together with mocap system

One system means less hassle.

Traditionally you would complement your motion capture system with a number of video cameras, requiring additional hardware and software. With the Miqus, your video and motion capture cameras play together seamlessly as a single system. No additional software or hardware needed, just setup the camera in QTM like any other camera and you are ready to go.

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