The Phantom Miro N5 is unique among Phantom cameras as it is tiny and specially designed to work in highly destructive environments.


The Phantom Miro N5 is our smallest camera, at only 1-inch cubed it can fit into small spaces. The Miro N5 is two separate pieces connected by a CXP cable.  The head is inexpensive and easily replaced in the field while the base protects any images obtained. This camera is available in color only.

  • 560 fps at 768 x 600 and 1,000 fps at 512 x 472
  • Exposure Index Range:
    • Color 400 – 2,000
  • 8GB RAM, 240GB internal CineFlash
  • CXP cable transfers images to base instantly

The Phantom Miro N5 is perfect for destructive testing.  Built in two separate parts, the head and the base, it is built to capture every possible image it can when it counts. The low-cost head unit is easy to replace as CXP protocol immediately transfers the very last image possible to the sturdy base.

Since the large base is separate from the tiny camera head the 3 meters of cable is perfect for reaching small and hard-to-reach places. The N5 base is available in a standalone or Miro JBox 2.0 version, contains the 240GB non-removable CineFlash and battery.  Memory can be partitioned up to 63 times allowing continuous recording feature to record and download multiple shots making the Miro N5 perfect for machine trouble shooting.

Key Features:

  • S-mount lenses
  • Two base variations
  • Internal battery
  • Internal 240GB CineFlash
  • 63 partition-able memory

What’s in the box?


  • Hex-L Key
  • Mounting bracket
  • Tripod Mounting Bracket
  • 6mm S-mount lens

N5-B Base:

  • Power Supply with XLR extender (stand-alone)
  • Ethernet cable (stand-alone)
  • Miro MiniBOB (stand-alone)

N5-JB Base:

  • Nothing - System cables purchased separately

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