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NE200 Single Nozzle Electrospinning/Spraying Machine

Brief Explanation

The NE200, is the ultimate combination of advanced features in a budget-friendly model. Ideal for scientists who want to initiate their researches in a versatile system. The machine comes with a flat collector and a rotating drum collector to obtain well-aligned nanofibers, but can also optionally accommodate other types of collectors such as the Rotating rod collectors with different sizes to obtain tubular structure of nanofibers known as tube-like nanofibers membranes which can be used as artificial blood vessels.


Unique Properties

  • Reliable and precise process adjustments via 9” touch screen panel
  • High throughput production
  • Single nozzle electrospraying and electrospraying
  • Changeable flat collector types
  • 30-230mm nozzle to collector automatic distance adjustment
  • Humidity and temperature control chassis option
  • Extra safety options such as safe-door and warning light to avoid from high voltage
  • Produced according to safety regulations and CE Certified

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