OIM Analysis

OIM Analysis


OIM Analysis™ is a technique based on the automated collection and analysis of EBSD patterns. This mapping data provides information on the orientation, phase distribution, grain size and shape, grain boundary structure, and local deformation of crystallographic microstructures. OIM Analysis provides virtually unlimited potential for interrogating the wealth of information contained in OIM scans.
Orientation Imaging Microscopy (OIM) Analysis™


What's New in OIM Analysis v8?


With the addition of new functionality and features, OIM Analysis v8 has reset the standard for EBSD data analysis capability and enables users to achieve new insight into microstructural characterization.


OIM Analysis Standard Features


  • OIM Maps: OIM Maps provide colorful and meaningful graphics, which give a useful insight into material microstructures.
  • OIM Charts: OIM Charts show numerical representations of the measured microstructure with statistical information for easy comparisons.
  • OIM Plots: OIM Plots offer visualization of measured orientation and misorientation distributions.
  • QuickGen Toolbar: The QuickGen Toolbar is an intuitive starting point for analysis, offering quick access to commonly used maps, charts, and plots.
  • OIM Templates: OIM Templates offer an easy-to-use tool for performing repetitive, customized analysis of OIM data.
  • Data Partitioning: Data Partitioning enables the splitting of OIM data into different microstructural subsets so that the different portions can be measured separately.
  • Data Highlighting: Data Highlighting enables the analyst to identify specific data ranges and microstructural features on maps and plots.
  • Interactive Analysis: Interactive Analysis allows the analyst to conduct a manual interrogation of data so that the information of interest can be extracted.
  • OIM Batch Processor: OIM Batch Processor enables the preparation and analysis of multiple datasets easily and consistently in a single action.
  • OIM Project Tree: OIM Project Tree is an intuitive data management structure for novice and advanced users.
  • OIM Analysis EBSD Indexing: Even the best analysis tools may generate initial low-quality data. However, OIM Analysis has the resources to evaluate data quality and to improve it using EBSD pattern reindexing.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Comprehensive Analysis offers grouped functions for a wide range of focused analysis within an integrated analysis package.
    • Advanced Grain Analysis
    • Advanced Texture Analysis
    • Advanced Boundary Analysis
    • Advanced Materials Properties Analysis
    • Advanced Data Manipulation
  • OIM 3D Visualization: OIM Analysis extends comprehensive EBSD characterization into 3D EBSD. 

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