Payload: Boston Dynamics Spot Arm
The Spot robotic arm is one of the essential accessories to make your mobile robot even more skilled and autonomous.



Spot Arm, designed for maneuvering and manipulation

The Spot Arm is a robot arm with 6 degrees of freedom complete with a gripper. It’s an accessory that connects to Spot’s spine, where the hardware interface for adding Boston Dynamics accessories (camera, thermal sensor, LiDAR, etc.) is located.

This gripper can lift loads weighing up to 11 kg and hold a 5 kg load in the air. It can also pull weights of 25 kg. It’s an ideal instrument for manipulating, moving and lifting objects smoothly and rapidly.

Spot Arm: give your robot a pair of eyes

Sometimes, you simply want to keep a close eye on what Spot is doing, and this gripper comes with 2 additional and useful features: an LED illuminator and a 4K color camera. In addition, the robot arm includes various other sensors for even greater efficiency and autonomy, such as a time of flight laser range finder and an inertial measurement unit.

With this accessory, Spot will therefore be able to take surrounding obstacles and distances into consideration, and observe objects before beginning manipulation.

You can control the Spot Arm using either the Spot app or the tablet controller that comes with Spot. The arm can be fitted to both the Spot Explorer and Spot Enterprise (professional version).

Technical specifications of the Spot Arm

  • 6 degrees of freedom + 1 gripper
  • Length (at full extension): 984 mm
  • Max. reach height (mounted on the robot): 1800 mm
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Weight (robot + arm): 39.7 kg
  • Max. endpoint speed: 10 m/s
  • Max. lift capacity: up to 11 kg
  • Continuous lift capacity (at 50 cm extension): 5 kg
  • Max. drag capacity (on belt): Up to 25 kg
  • Gripper:
    • Depth: 90 mm
    • Max. width: 175 mm
    • Peak clamp force (at tip of opening): 130 N
    • Integrated sensors: ToF laser range finder, IMU, LED lighting and 4K RGB video camera
    • Accessory port: Gigabit Ethernet, 50W power, camera sync (PPS)
    • Operating temperature: -20 to 45 °C
    • Water and dust resistant

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