Pegasus EDS-EBSD System

Pegasus (EDS-EBSD) System


Pegasus is a world-class materials characterization solution that provides users with elemental composition and crystallographic orientation results in one easy-to-use package. By combing powerful analytical Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy – Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EDS – EBSD) routines, the intuitive APEX™ Software connects these techniques to collect and report high-quality data quickly, easily, and reliably. Paired with EDAX hardware, APEX increases user productivity and offers the best solution for simultaneous EDS – EBSD microstructural characterization.

TEAM™ Pegasus


Integrated EDS – EBSD


  • Simultaneously obtains structural and crystallographic information using a fully integrated EDS – EBSD system
  • ChI-Scan™ functionality uses EDS compositional with EBSD crystallographic information to improve phase mapping and EBSD indexing
  • Employs advanced EDS quantification with optimization to address high-tilt EBSD geometries
EBSD Image Quality and IPF Orientation Map of an Al-Cu-Mg alloy were simultaneously collected then shown as a combined EDS – EBSD dataset.

Features and Benefits


High Throughput 3D EDS – EBSD


  • Fastest acquisition available of any integrated EDS – EBSD solution using the Octane Elite and Octane Elect EDS Detectors and Velocity™ EBSD Detectors
  • Highest transmissivity Si3N4 window in all EDS detectors to enhance the signal at low-dose and low kV operation
  • EBSD Confidence Index value provides a quantitative quality measurement for the crystallographic indexing solution
Direct Detection EBSD


  • The ultimate EBSD detector series Clarity™ employs direct detection technology with an unsurpassed performance at low dose and low kV analytical conditions
EBSD Image Quality and IPF Orientation map of a nitrided surface of a steel sample where combined EDS – EBSD information was used to differentiate similar crystallographic phases.



Pegasus Systems are the answer to both routine and complex material characterization problems. By providing both elemental and crystallographic results quickly and easily, Pegasus enables users to focus their efforts on understanding their materials rather than collecting data.

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