PhantomX Pincher Programmable Robotic Arm (not assembled)
The PhantomX Pincher Programmable Robotic Arm can be used alone or as an accessory for your TurtleBot or TurtleBot 2 robot, and benefits from a complete ROS for the purposes of programming.



PhantomX Pincher Programmable Robotic Arm: a complete kit by Trossen Robotics

Designed by Trossen Robotics, the PhantomX Pincher Programmable Robotic Arm is a robotics kit allowing you to seize, move and turn over small objects found nearby. It’s a 5DOF (5 degrees of freedom) robotic arm consisting of 5 joints making it capable of lifting, moving and rotational movements.

Please note that although the** Trossen Robotics** KIT-RK-PINCHER Robotic Arm can be programmed using an open-source ROS code library, this robotics kit provides you simply with the hardware platform, and does not come with any software.

Uses for the PhantomX Pincher programmable robotics kit

Used as an independent robotics platforms, the PhantomX Pincher robotics kit is a robotics tool that can prove useful in an educational context and for creating DIY robotics projects. The PhantomX Pincher is however also designed to round out the Interbotix TurtleBot 2i with Manipulator Arm, allowing you to offer your programmable robot a new way of interacting with its environment.

Technical specifications of the PhantomX Pincher Programmable Robotic Arm


The KIT-RK-PINCHER kit includes:

  • 1 PhantomX Pincher robotic arm
  • 5 Dynamixel AX-12A servos
  • 1 needle roller bearing base
  • 1 ArbotiX robocontroller for onboard data processing
  • 1 12 V/5 A power supply
  • 1 FTDI 5 V programming cable
  • 1 x 2 ml bottle of Turbo-Lock (special glue)


Technical specifications of the PhantomX Pincher Programmable Robotic Arm:

  • Gripper strength: 500 g (force applied on holding )
  • Wrist lift strength: 250 g
  • Strength:
    • 25 cm / 40 g
    • 20 cm / 70 g
    • 15 cm / 100 g
  • Weight: 550 g
  • Vertical reach: 35 cm
  • Horizontal reach: 31 cm
  • Robust ABS construction

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