PincherX 150 5-Axis Robot Arm
PincherX 150 is the new robot arm by Trossen Robotics, designed to showcase the Dynamixel (X-Series) servo technology in a sleek, customizable machine.



PincherX 150 robot arm: the Dynamixel expertise with 5 degrees of freedom

The servo motors in the Dynamixel X-Series are more robust, have a higher torque and offer lots of advantages, which expert roboticists are more than familiar with. They are high-precision and fully programmable servos that you can control in many different modes, making them ideal for use in an industrial precision instrument.

Your robotic gripper comes with the Dynamixel U2D2 tool, which makes programming and communication between the arm’s different servos easier thanks to the Robotis Wizard software. You’ll also find lots of programming templates and application examples in the PincherX 150 ROS package.

Attention to every detail

The PincherX 150 robot arm is designed for professional, industrial and research applications, so each of its components has been carefully studied. Extruded aluminum, an ultra-light design, a rotating support plate studied to take strain off the base servo... this robot arm is built to last!

And because the advent of 3D printing now allows robotics customization, you can even make new fingers for the gripper at home to give it new functions.

Technical specifications of the Dynamixel PincherX 150 servo robot arm

  • 8 Dynamixel XL430-W250-T servo motors
  • 5 degrees of freedom
  • Industrial bearing base
  • Aluminum construction
  • Dynamixel U2D2 for onboard processing
  • 12V 5A power supply
  • USB2 micro cable
  • PincherX 150 hardware and frames
  • Extra gripper foam/rubber
  • Drivers and extra hardware
  • PincherX 150 robot arm:
    • Total span: 900 mm
    • Reach: 450 mm
    • Accuracy: 5 mm
    • Working payload: 50 g
    • Wrist rotate

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