Robotic arm ViperX 250
A robotic arm equipped with 7 latest-generation Dynamixel X-series servomotors, which pushes control and precision of movement to the extreme. All this with ROS and Dynamixel SDK support offering a full barrow of codes and demos.



ViperX 250 robotic arm: 100% configurable and programmable for high quality movements

At the heart of the Interbotix ViperX 250 robotic arm, are seven fully programmable, addressable and configurable Dynamixel servomotors.

These X-series servomotors provide high definition precision and flexibility of movement in a compact format that is easy to integrate. You get absolute control of the PID correction parameters (position, velocity, etc.), but also advanced feedback of temperature, load, voltage, etc.

In addition to the ROS support provided with any Interbotix creation, you can of course rely on the Dynamixel SDK (see our resources below) to communicate with your servos. The Interbotix serial firmware also allows you to integrate an IK device to your robotic arm via a serial USB connection.

An industrial-grade 5 DOF robotic arm

Entirely made of aluminum and extruded aluminum, the ViperX 250 arm is an extremely sturdy robotic device that can be used in all kinds of environments, including industrial environments..

Each joint is equipped with a bearing, also of industrial quality. Finally, an acrylic shell protects the electronic components from dust, humidity and shocks.

Examples of ViperX 250 robotic arm grippers in 3D printing

ViperX 250: customizable thanks to 3D printing

All ends of the ViperX 250 robot arm's gripper are interchangeable. 3D model files allow you to print new grippers with your 3D printer. Additional foam and rubber elements are supplied with your order to perfect your 3D prints.

Technical specifications of the ViperX 250 arm

  • XM540-W270 et XM430-W350 servos
  • Industrial Bearing Base
  • Aluminum Construction
  • U2D2 for Onboard Processing
  • Gripper with Interchangeable Fingers
  • 5 DOF


    • 4 XM540-W270-T servos
    • 3 XM430-W350 servos
    • 1 DYNAMIXEL U2D2
    • 1 CM9.04C for servos
    • 1 12v10a Power Supply
    • 1 USB2 Micro Cable
    • ViperX 250 Hardware & Frames
    • Extra Gripper Foam / Rubber
    • Drivers / Extra Hardware
    • Base Mount Hardware
  • ViperX 250 arm:
  • Reach: 650 mm
  • Total Span: 1300 mm
  • Accuracy: 1 mm
  • Working Payload: 450 g
  • Wrist rotate: oui

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