The miniature version of the Darwin-OP Darwin-Mini Robotis is a humanoid robot kit with an embedded boaed and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


Korean brand Robotis has launched a miniature version of Darwin-OP, Darwin-mini. Two times smaller than his brother, he is also made with fewer pieces, so he is lighter and less expensive.
Nevertheless, it has 17 new Robotis servos: XL-320, less powerful but much cheaper.

Darwin-mini is the most flexible humanoid robot with a lot of compatible sensors and the ability to create and assemble 3D printed parts. Chest and head were already printed in 3D. The advantage is that if a part of his body would be broken, as the head during a fight kung-fu for example, you can even reproduce it.

Here are the features of the robot :
- Awarded the « Good design » mark
- Applies the small Dynamixel XL-320 for various motion functions
- Offers the ROBOTIS DARWIN-MINI exclusive App (Touch, Gesture, Voice Recognition, Messenger)

The app uses buttons, gestures, voice recognition and messages to control or change the robot's movements.
The system works with Android version 2.3.3 or greater and on computers 1.2GHz Dual Core or greater, 1 GB RAM or greater.

Darwin-mini may have different types of sensors to be added to perform its tasks.
This robot can be programmed and ambitious person can try to create new programs to develop their Darwin-mini.


Height : 22.5 cm
Weight : 400 g

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