SEM Scanning Electron Microscope Stage Adapters

EM-Tec versatile stage adapters overview


The EM-Tec versatile SEM stage adapters are fully compatible with FEI, Philips, Zeiss, LEO, JEOL, Hitachi, Tescan, Pemtron SEMs, FESEMs or tabletop SEMs and the EM-Tec SEM sample holders with M4 thread. The EM-Tec versatile stage adapters give access to an unprecedented choice of SEM sample holders which can be used across multiple SEM platforms. Features of the EM-Tec versatile SEM stage adapters are:

  • Access to all EM-Tec SEM sample holders with M4 thread (incl. Hitachi sample holders and Hitachi stubs)
  • Use the same SEM sample holders across SEM platforms by exchanging the SEM stage adapters
  • Examine the same sample on different SEM platforms
  • Protect your investment in custom and special SEM sample holders
  • Cost savings for labs with multiple SEMs
  • Cost-efficient replacement for worn out original SEM stage adapters
  • Use one calibration standard or resolution standard across multiple SEMs


All EM-Tec SEM versatile stage adapters comprise an M4 screw which is compatible with the M4 threaded hole in the EM-Tec sample holders.


FEI FV24, FV44 and FV54 stage adapters, M6 fine thread
Zeiss / LEO ZV9 and ZV11
stage adapter, dovetail
Pin stub to M4 adapters
JEOL NeoScope stage adapter, disc type
JEOL JV70 stage adapter, dovetail
JEOL JV60 stage adapter, dovetail
JEOL JV50 stage adapter, dovetail
JEOL JV35 stage adapter, dovetail
Hitachi HV48 stage adapter,
new style T-base
Hitachi HV40 stage adapter,
old style T-base
Hitachi HV50 stage adapter, dovetail
Hitachi HV35 stage adapter, dovetail
Hitachi HV37 stage adapter,
Hitachi HV34 stage adapter,
Hitachi HV20 stage adapter, cylinder
Hitachi TM30 stage adapter, drop-in
Keysight / Agilent KR4
Pemtron PV64, drop-in round
Hirox SH-4000




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