Series ISB (Integrated Spray Booth)
Series ISB

he Dycomet ISB series are fully operational spray booths with Low Pressure Cold Spray, robotics, handling and dust extraction integrated into a turn-key system.
The ISB series is available in a number of standard versions but can also be built according to a number of customer-specific requirements.

The Dycomet ISB series options:

– Low Pressure Cold Spray System, D523
– Robotics or linear system
– Remote access for service
– Data logging
– Closed-loop Cold Spray
– Integrated extraction
– Automated loading and unloading of parts
– Compatible with various types of powder feeders


Turnkey Low Pressure Cold Spray System ISB-11


Turnkey Low Pressure Cold Spray System ISB-12

Dycomet Low Pressure Cold Spray Set

Low Pressure Cold Spray System Set (D523, PB-95, X-Y Scanningsystem and Dustsuction (all digital integrated)

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