Stacker™ Robot for education
In a classroom or in your garage, the Stacker robot will put your robotics skills to the test. With its agile drive wheels and its 2 DOF arm, it is great for experimenting with motion and navigation.



Stacker robot: grab’em all!

Stacker is a robotics kit consisting in a mobile platform and an articulated arm with 2 degrees of freedom. This small stacking robot enables you to grab objects up to 10 cm wide and lift them at a maximum height of 29.2 cm. With drive wheels and omnidirectional movement, the Stacker travels well and is easy to maneuver, even in tight spaces. It is machined from 6.3 mm ABS plastic for strength and durability. Both R/C and autonomous control modes are available.

An educational robot that you can customise

The Stacker kit is great for both robotics enthusiasts and teachers of technology seeking to develop quality workshops for their students. Indeed, the Stacker robot offers many transformation possibilities. For instance, it provides a compartment for storing a receiver, batteries, and any additional electronics such as a motor driver or an IMU. The ABS plastic framework also allows for easy drilling to accommodate other attachments such as cameras, sensors, LED displays or laser scanners.

Technical specifications of the Stacker robotics kit

  • Dimensions: 247.5 mm (h) x 196.8 mm (w) x 260.4 mm (d)
  • Weight: 1.5 kg (including servos)
  • Drive wheel size: 76.2 mm
  • Reach (when fully extended): 292 mm
  • Voltage: 4.8-6V
  • Gripper spread: 107.9 mm
  • 6.3 mm ABS plastic
  • The kit includes assembly instructions, a parts list, and a 1:1 scale hardware key

Please note that the servomotors are not included and need to be bought separately.


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