SWD® Starter Kit (SIL2 / PLd certified)
The SWD® Starter Kit is a development kit for AGVs (automated guided vehicles), AGCs (automated guided carts) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots). You can use it to rapidly begin developing your own mobile robot compatible with the ez-Wheel SWD® Safety Wheel Drive technology.

SWD® AGV and AMR development kit: give your mobile industrial robot a boost


Creating an AGV or autonomous robot can be both time-consuming and tedious. With this EZ-Wheel kit, you get a platform fully equipped with motors, a processor, a battery and a safety system (LiDAR scanner), all ready for use to begin assembling your robot. The Starter Kit offers all the exclusive safety features of the SWD® Safety Wheel Drive range such as SIL2 / PLd certified motion control, ensuring development in accordance with the ISO 3691-4 driverless truck standard.

The embedded computer in your starter kit is pre-installed with Linux and ROS, so you can immediately start developing your own robotics applications and at no extra cost. The on-board NiMH battery has a capacity of 9 Ah for optimal autonomy.

With this mobile platform, you will be able to mount the robot or automatic vehicle of your choice, with a line-following sensor or autonomous navigation system.


Technical specifications of the SWD® Starter Kit


  • Motorization: 2 SWD® Core motors with 125 mm castors
  • Sensor: SIL2/PLd LiDAR scanner (compatible with SICK, PILZ, OMRON, HOKUYO, LEUZE and KEYENCE)
  • Processor: ARM iMX6 pre-installed with Linux, ROS and SWD drivers
  • Speed: 0 to 3 km/h
  • Battery: 24 V/9 Ah NiMH
  • OS: Linux/ROS
  • Safety features according to ISO 3691-4

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