TURTLEBOT3 WAFFLE PI Robotis Programmable Robot
TurtleBot3 Waffle by Robotis is a powerful little robot for exploring ROS (Robot Operating System), bigger than the other flavor Burger. The Waffle includes some premium features: better computing, more sensing and more powerful Dynamixel servos.

TurtleBot3 Waffle Pi Open Source Robot


The TurtleBot3 Waffle Pi robot is an extended version with a high payload and additional sensors. Compact, modular, programmable and new generation mobile robot. Explore the ROS operating system and create interesting uses for training, research and development.

Turtlebot3 waffle Pi Robotis components

Turtlebot3 Waffle Pi Components


  • 360° Laser Rangefinder (LiDAR) for mapping, positioning (SLAM) and navigation
  • variable modular structure
  • Simple on-board computer (Raspberry Pi 3)
  • OpenCR controller (32-bit ARM Cortex M7)
  • Raspberry Pi Camera
  • two Dynamixel servomotors for wheel control
  • gear wheels for bars and tracks
  • Lithium polymer battery (Li-Po) 11.1V 1800 mAh
  • Bluetooth module for remote control


Features of the Robotis Turtlebot3 Waffle Pi robot


  • Maximum progressive travel speed 0.26 m/s
  • Maximum angular velocity 1.82 rads/s / (104.27 degrees/second)
  • Maximum payload 30 kgf
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 281 x 306 x 141 mm
  • Weight of the assembly 1.8 kg
  • Duration ≈ 2 hours
  • Charging time ≈ 2 h 30 min
  • Dynamixel Servomotor XM430-W210-T
  • Rasberry Pi 3 unique onboard computer
  • Integrated OpenCR controller (32-bit ARM Cortex M7)
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Sensors / 360° Laser Rangefinder (LiDAR) / 3-axis gyroscope / 3-axis accelerometer / 3-axis magnetometer


Turtlebot3 Waffle Pi: in the box


  • 1x Raspberry Pi 3
  • 1x OpenCR 1.0
  • 24x Waffle-Plate
  • 2x wheels
  • 2x tires
  • 1x 360 Laser Distance Sensor LSD-01
  • 1x Li-Po Battery
  • 2x Dynamixel XM430
  • 2x USB Cable
  • 1x Dynamixel to openCR Cable
  • 1x Raspberry Pi 3 Cable
  • 1x Camera Cable
  • 2x BT-410
  • 1x RC-100B
  • 2x Ball Caster
  • 1x USB2LDS
  • 1x Raspberry Pi Camera
  • 1x Camera bracket
  • 12x PCB Support
  • 6x Bracket
  • 1x Adaptater Plate
  • 22x Rivet
  • 4x Silicone Spacer
  • 4x Spacer
  • 4x NUT_M2
  • 24x NUT_M2.5
  • 96x NUT_M3
  • 12x Plate support M3 x 35mm
  • 10x Plate Support M3 x 45mm
  • 8x PH M2 x 4mm K
  • 8x PH T2 x 6mm K
  • 4x PH M2 x 6mm K
  • 16x PH M2.5 x 8mm K
  • 20x PH M2.5 x 12mm K
  • 4x PH M2.5 x 16mm K
  • 140x PH M3 x 8mm K

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