The Phantom v2640 is part of the Ultrahigh-Speed Series of cameras and has unparalleled image quality with a full 4 Mpx sensor for exceptional detail. The v2640 is the fastest 4 Mpx camera available and is the most sensitive camera in its class.

The Phantom v2640 has the lowest noise rating of any Phantom cameras at just 7.2e-.  It also boasts the highest dynamic range, 64 dB, of any Phantom camera that uses a global shutter.  Binning mode reaches speeds of up to 25,030 fps at 1024 x 976 and the FAST* option allows operators to reach a 142ns minimum exposure.

Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) in standard mode provides the cleanest images possible for images with dark regions. Likewise, Bright Field Mode increases the Full Well giving cleaner images to bright and very bright backgrounds.

The v2640 is compatible with the Phantom CineMag IV and V media storage systems and has 10Gb Ethernet as a standard inclusion.  Both tools aid in manipulating, storing, and transferring the large amounts of data that come with extreme imaging.

Key Features:


  • 2048 x 1952 max resolution
  • 13.5 pixel size for exceptional detail
  • Programmable I/O
  • Correlated Double Sampling (CDS)
  • Bright Field Mode
  • Advanced Features:
    • Image-Based-Auto Trigger
    • SYNC-to-Trigger
    • Quiet fans

What’s in the box?


  • Power supply with XLR extender
  • Ethernet Cable
  • 10Gb Ethernet Cable
  • Printed manual
  • Phantom PCC software
  • Sturdy Pelican case

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