The Vic-2D System

Vic-2D can measure in-plane displacements and strains on planar specimens. The setup is simple, for sample preparation only the application of a random speckly pattern is nessesary. No special illumination or lasers are required.

We offer complete measurement systems for a wide range of full-field in-plane deformation measurement tasks.

  • White-light system
  • No calibration required
  • real-time data processing (> 50Hz)
  • Sample size <1mm and >10m possible
  • Simple specimen preparation using paint
  • Synchronized load data acquisition
  • Available analog output for machine control
  • Very high strain and displacement limits


We also provide components as well as custom measurement systems for demanding applications including high temperature, higher speeds, and very small- or large-scale samples.



The Vic-2D system is used where strain distributions need to be measured on flat specimens. Applications include fracture mechanics (COD measurement), bi-axial tension tests of films, determination of strain localization around cracks or notches as well as many applications in FE model verification.



Application example


Strain Measurement — 2D Fatigue Test

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