WidowX 200 Mobile Robot Arm
Precise and extremely flexible, the WidowX 200 Robot Arm offers 360° rotation, a 1.1 m span, and is designed to adapt easily to different robotics platforms.



h2>WidowX 200: a mobile technology for your robotic arm

The WidowX 200 Robot Arm is supported by a base capable of 360° rotation. Highly mobile, it offers 5 degrees of freedom and can reach objects at a distance of 55 cm from its base.

Its smooth movement and superior precision make it a quality choice for teaching and research. It comes with 3D design files you can use to adapt the gripper to meet specific needs, by simply printing new parts according to requirements. Its specially designed foam and rubber components further increase gripping strength.

Examples of 3D printing applications for the ReactorX-200 robotic arm

Movement controlled by 7 Dynamixel servo motors

The Dynamixel servos in each of the robotic arm’s joints make it more powerful, precise and adaptable, with for example precise control of motion parameters, individual addressing, chaining capabilities and shock and heat resistance.

Thanks to its open-source Dynamixel SDK, you can also fully program its TTL-connected actuators.

Technical specifications of the WidowX 200 arm

  • Degrees of freedom: 5
  • Reach: 550 mm
  • Total span: 1100 mm
  • Accuracy: 1 mm
  • Working payload: 200 g
  • Number of servos: 7
  • Rotating wrist
  • Gripper with interchangeable fingers
  • Includes:
    • 2 XL-430-W250-T actuators, 5 XM-430-W350-T actuators
    • 1 USB2 micro cable
    • ReactorX 200 hardware and frames
    • Additional gripper foam/rubber components
    • Additional drivers and hardware
    • Base mount hardware

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