WidowX 250 5-axis Robot Arm
The WidowX 250 version of the Interbotix robotic arm offers a superior reach and span. It's an open-source and customisable choice benefiting from 8 latest-generation Dynamixel servos, guaranteeing flexibility and precision of every movement.



WidowX 250 Robot Arm: 1.30 m total span

The open-source WidowX -250 Robot Arm designed by Interbotix offers 5 degrees of freedom thanks to its Dynamixel servos and a 360° base rotation. It can reach any object within a radius of 65 cm, and has a total span of 1.3 m.

Delivered fully assembled and tested, you can adapt this industrial-quality aluminium robotic arm to your requirements. The gripper even has interchangeable fingers. Simply download a 3D design file free of charge to print new fingers depending on the type of object you need to handle.

Examples of 3D printing applications for the ReactorX-200 robotic arm

A 100% programmable Dynamixel robotic arm

With the WidowX 250 Robot Arm, you enjoy the technology developed by Robotics and its Dynamixel servos. 8 in total with a precision and high-definition TTL connection and adjustable velocity, position and temperature parameters!

You can program your Dynamixel servos directly from your PC using the U2D2 connector. The USB converter is also compatible with CM-150 and CM-200 type motor drivers using a UART connection.

Technical specifications of the WidowX 200 arm

  • Degrees of freedom: 5
  • Reach: 650 mm
  • Total span: 1300 mm
  • Accuracy: 1 mm
  • Working payload: 250 g
  • Number of servos: 8
  • Rotating wrist
  • Gripper with interchangeable fingers
  • Includes:
    • 2 XL-430-W250-T actuators, 6 XM-430-W350-T actuators
    • 1 Dynamixel U2D2
    • 1 USB2 micro cable
    • 1 x 12V/5 A power supply
    • Reactor X 200 hardware and frames
    • Additional gripper foam/rubber components
    • Additional drivers and hardware
    • Base mount hardware

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